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      You have reached “The Journey in East Central Minnesota!”. The Journey is a missional, organic fellowship that networks with other communities sharing a common vision as Jesus’ followers – to:

Know God ~ Love People ~ Don’t Give Up! 

       We meet weekly in our homes and in discipling triads, and monthly at larger Gatherings and leadership growth meetings.


July 26, 2012.  At our last “equipping day” we talked about what are the things God is using to impact our lives in the Journey. There were seven that people shared:

  1. Teaching time – we have two or more people meet ahead of time to go over the passage and ask how to get everyone involved at the house church meeting.
  2. Triads – a group of two-four of us meeting weekly for personal encouragement and honest discussion.
  3. Personal Ministry – Usually near the end of our house church meeting we break out into smaller groups for prayer or deliverance, as needed.
  4. Nights out – Every month we take a Saturday night to just do something fun.
  5. Communion – Informally remembering Jesus’ gift to us around the meal time at house church.
  6. Testimonies and worship time – people wanted more time for this when we meet.
  7. Kids Time – We are being more intentional about providing ways for our kids to engage.
What people didn’t mention were the Commissioned Leaders, RMT or other “leadership” titles. We are pretty sure that Jesus works through whoever shows up and is available – and sometime through those who are not. But titles haven’t meant much when it comes to God showing up. Maybe they were like scaffolding – structure you use for awhile but don’t want it sitting around after things are built.

      “Stand by the ways and see, and ask for the ancient paths where the good way is, and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls.”    Jeremiah 6:16

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